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The cloud may well now be a mainstay of corporate IT services

The cloud may well now be a mainstay of corporate IT services. Nevertheless, leaders show still concerned about the use of technology to demand, particularly in terms of information security.
According to a survey of Cloud Industry Forum, security is 75% of IT professionals surveyed the first reason not to pass on applications in cloud mode. However, these fears may not be unfounded. According to the same study, only 2% of companies say they have faced a security hole in their use of the Cloud.
And if the lure of technology can be imperative, CIOs must also take account of other staff reserve, particularly in governance and operational benefits.

Cloud, but with good governance in place
Richard Norris, head of IS and business transformation for the insurer Reliance Mutual Insurance, the possibility of buying basic services – such as mail filtering, policy management and MS Exchange – is a great advantage for CIOs. “The ability to simply call your provider and add 100 additional accounts on demand has really changed the dynamic business for IT decision makers” judge there.
He believes that governance in the field of cloud rose to a level providing DSI guarantees regarding data protection. Norris also think that the sellers have made significant progress on the configuration of their technology areas, making more realistic the massive use of cloud.
“Engaging with third parties is truly a compelling argument,” said Richard Norris. “As an industry, it is what we strive. The IT providers play a key role and the people are more relaxed about the introduction of cloud services, they have proven themselves more secure . “
Reliance Mutual Insurance already operates some of its activities through IT on demand. For its chief information officer, decisions to use the cloud must be linked to the classifications validated data to a logical governance and monitoring guidelines.
Richard Norris encourages CIOs to question the expertise in safety within their own companies. Whatever resources you have, he considers an external provider will always be more. “The success of their business is based on the fact to preserve the security of your data. They must do good, otherwise they will fail,” he argues.
This principle resonates with Ian Cox, former CIO and independent consultant with Axin. “Fear, uncertainty and doubt are still dominant, but do we already observed a security vulnerability in a system Tier 1 storing corporate data” he asks.
“CIOs are rightly concerned about the security and governance, but everything is relative. If you take a step back and compare your server room at the datacenter a Tier 1 provider, you will quickly find that your internal IT does is absolutely not as secure. So why not rely on the Cloud? “


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