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Cloud to cloud migration

How to migrate from one cloud service to another? This problematic, it still theoretical until recently, has become a reality for many French companies.

The turn is taken. Whether by email, CRM, business applications, more and more companies use the cloud. The professions are found SaaS more efficient services that applications “on premise” at their disposal, CIOs find more flexibility there, flexibility while businesses alleviate their CAPEX thanks to rental mode. However, if the service provided by the service provider is not living up to its commitments or if the company’s strategy evolves, changing cloud provider poses new problems. Flexibility is not always what you and the migration project can be time and money.
Beware of additional costs associated with data recovery
The emergence of virtual machines allows standards to limit the risks of incompatibility during migration
Migrate from one cloud service to another raises contractual problems and must consider the terms of the contract liberating to see what will be the time frame before you stop paying the monthly installments. Caution also additional costs related to data recovery. Some cloud providers have automated extraction functions data, others may charge this service. Some, to promote “loyalty” charge their customers less the loading of data on their servers as their extraction. So beware of hidden costs on the day when it will repatriate all on another service.
Technically, the cloud is becoming more mature and there are in the market for tools that help engineers to extract data from one cloud to load on a second. The emergence of virtual machines including standards limits the risk of incompatibility when switching from one service to another IaaS. However, since it uses specific functions in a cloud, further development will be needed if we want to find the equivalent by a competitor. Which increases the cost of migration and the time required to carry out. Migrate takes time and money, it is also true that the cost of the cloud.


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