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Cloud computing can offer many advantages

Companies can use cloud computing for a wide range of different applications (email, corporate website, CRM, CMS, payroll processing, document archiving, etc.).

Cloud computing can offer many advantages: Cloud services are generally “pay as you go”, which greatly reduces the initial investment in software and hardware. It also allows users using different devices work together more easily, regardless of their location.
The cloud can also be an advantage in terms of safety. Large cloud providers typically offer higher protection measures at an affordable price because their cost is shared. It may still that safety is not fully customizable and adjustable to specific needs. It is therefore necessary to conduct an assessment of security needs for each application and type of data to be transferred to the cloud.
We distinguish basically three types of cloud (Infrastructure-, Platform- or Software as a Service) offering more or less advanced features and are characterized by a different architecture, as shown in the diagram below.
Depending on the type of cloud that we want to use, security issues will arise differently.
In its “Cloud Guide for SMEs”, ENISA 11 highlights benefits of cloud for business as well as security issues related to it.


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