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Download Tải giáo án tiếng anh 8 thí điểm trọn bộ

Nếu bạn đang giảng dạy chương trình tiếng Anh 8 thí điểm thì quả thực bạn sẽ gặp khó khăn khá nhiều .Vì chương trình mới sẽ phải soạn lại giáo án .Đồng thời với những chương trình thí điểm thì tài liệu tham khảo không nhiều .Rất may mắn mình tìm được 2 giáo án tiếng anh 8 thí điểm trọn bộ cả năm dưới đây .Bạn có thể tải về tham khảo và để có thể thiết kế bài giảng tốt hơn nữa .Link tải full dưới cuối bài viết

Giáo án 1 demo


I. Objectives:
1. Knowledge:  By the end of the lesson ,students will be able to :
                     - review the main grammar points and vocabulary of English 7
2. Skills: speaking, listening, writing.
3. Attitude:Ss must have good attitude towards the co-operation
3.  Competencies: Presenting opinions and giving comments to others’ opinions  
II.  Main languages:
1.     Vocabulary:  vocabulary of 6 themes
2.Grammar: -present simple tense, present progressive tense, present perfect tense, future tense, past simple and past progressive tense
- Passive voice
III. Teaching aid: lesson plan , visual pictures
IV. Procedures
Teacher’s activities
Ss’ activities
Warm – up.( 5’)
- T asks Sts some questions:
? Can you tell me what you’ve learned in english 7?        
 Revision : (10’)
1. The tenses :
- Present simple
- Present progressive
- Present perfect tense
- Simple future
- Near future
- Past simple
- Past progressive tense
=> Ask Ss to repeat the uses and forms of  each tense.
III. Practice. (25 mins)
Exercise 1 : Change these sentences into other tenses  ( Present simple , Present progressive , Present perfect tense, near future , Simple future and Past simple, Past progressive tense) and add  appropriate adverbs of time.
- Ask Ss to  work in pairs
- Call  some pairs to demonstrate in front of class .
- Give feedback
Exercise 2. Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets
1. Mary and John (be) _________ neighbors. They (know) _________ each other for a long time. Mary (move) _________ into her house in 1990, and John (live) _________ next door since he (come) _________ to the area in 1988.
2. Today (be)  _________ Sunday. Nga (not go) _________ to school. She (stay) _________ at home. She (do) _________ her homework now. She (do) _________ it for two hours.
3.  I (be) _________ in New York. I (come) _________ here two years ago. My friend, Nancy (live) _________ here since 1982.  So she (know) _________ the area very well.                                   
4. Trung usually (go) _________ to the library three times a week.
5. Yesterday I (be) _________ busy, so I (not have) _________ time to phone you.
6. Mrs. Trang (not go) _________ to work last week. She (not be) _________ feeling well.
7. I (do ) _________ all the housework. The flat is really clean now.
8. How long you (live) _________ here? – Since 1997.
9. Mr. Quang (teach) _________ in this school since he (graduate) _________ from the university in 1989.
10. My brother (leave) _________ home 10 years ago. I (never meet) _________ him since then.
11. Where you (spend) _________ your summer holiday last year, Tam?
12. When we (be) _________ small, our family (live) _________ in the countryside.
13. I (read) _________ an interesting book at the moment.
14. How long you (know) _________ Mrs. Chi? – I (know) _________ here for five years.
15. We (not see) _________ her since we (be) _________ on holiday in Ha Long bay.
16. Phuong (not finish) _________ her homework yet.
17. It’s three years since I last (see) _________ Nam.
18. You (be) _________ away? – Yes. I (go) _________ to the country last Sunday.
19. I (not eat) _________ anything for two days.
20. They (move) _________ to Ho Chi Minh City in 1990 and (live) _________ there since then.
- T calls some Sts to write their answers on the board -and has other students to give remarks.
- Give the right answers.

IV/ Homework : (5 mins) 
- Learn by heard all the uses and the forms of the tenses above.
- Answer the T’s questions

- Listen and repeat the uses and forms of them

- Copy down

- Work in pairs to practice changing these sentences into other tenses .

Some pairs give the answers in front of the class

St do the exercise in person then give the answers in front of the class.

- Do as the T asks.

- Write down.

Warm – up.( 5’): Chatting

1. She is in Grade 8
2. They are playing soccer
3. She went to Ha Noi last week
4. I will visit my sister next week
5. Mai is going to build a new house .

1. are/ have known/ moved/ has lived/ came.
2. is/ doesn’t go/ stays/ is doing/ has done.
3. am/ came/ has lived/ knows
4. goes
5. was/ didn’t have
6. didn’t go/ wasn’t
7. have done
8. have you lived
9. has taught/ graduated
10. left/ have met
11. did you spend
12. were/ lived
13. am reading
14. have you known
15. have not seen/ were
16. hasn’t finished
17. saw
18. have you been/ went
19. haven’t eaten
20. moved/ have lived

Giáo án 2 demo

I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Review all main what they have studied in the 7th form
- Practice doing some exercises
II. Teaching aid: Textbook, chalk, paper test...
III. Methods: Communicative approach, audio-lingual method, 3p, ESA, lexical approach ….
IV. Procedures
  Activity 1
  (25 minutes)

1.Purpose :
- This activity focuses students on the revision things they’ve studied in the 7th form
 You give main contents you have studied in the 7th form
3 Task :
- Work individually                  
Suggested questions: How many tenses have you studied? What are they? What is active/ passive sentence? How to change an active into passive? …

I. Tenses
1. Present tenses: simple/ cont./ perfect
Ex. - Nam goes to school everyday.
      - He is writing a letter.
      - They have built that house for 3 months.
2. Past : simple/ cont
Ex. - My mother bought me a new shirt yesterday.
      - We were having dinner when Lan came yesterday.
3. Future : simple/ cont.
Ex. - We will travel to HN next weekend.
      - We will be traveling by this time next month.
II. Passive voice
1. Active: Someone does something.
2. Passive: Something is done (by agent)
Ex. - The cat eats the mouse.
       => The mouse is eaten by the cat.
       - Lan does her homework everyday.
      => Lan’s homework is done everyday.

III. Main structures
1. although + a clause of concession => despite + N-phrase/ V-ing
Ex. - Although he is poor, he is the best student in our class.
      =>Despite being poor, he is the best student ……..
2. used to + V = usually + V-ed/ V2 (past habit)
Ex. My father used to smoke a lot but now he isn’t any more.
3. be/ get + used to + V-ing (present habit)
Ex. Lan is used to getting up early.
4. Degree of comparisons
a. Equality: as …. As
b. Comparative: er…than/ more …..than
c. Superlative: the …est / the most …


Trên là link tải full 2 bộ giáo án tiếng 8 thí điểm trọn bộ dành cho các bạn .Sau khi các bạn tải về dùng file word mở lên bình thường .Các file đều lưu dạng doc lên sử dụng các phiên bản word đều có thể được một cách dễ dàng .2 giáo án với 2 phong cách khác nhau sẽ giúp cho các bạn có thêm nhiều ý tưởng hơn cho bài giáo trình của mình .Chúc các bạn có thể thiết kế được những mẫu giáo án như ý và tốt nhất


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